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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exercises for Monday Class

1. You represent a company that is the title sponsor for a sporting event. What protection will you have in the contract with the venue so that your client's marketing dollars will be well spent and/or protected?

2. Your client Del Duca University is about to hire Dangerous Dan The Felony Man as its new head coach (he's a really good coach) -- how do you draft the contract on behalf of your client the school so that the school is protected from future 'acts' by Dan? You represent Dan -- how can you maximize what he can walk away with if he is fired?

3. You're asked by the world's best cricket player to negotiate his new contract. You don't know poop about him or cricket. What do you do? (saying the tired phrase "Show me the Money!" is not an option)

4. In the ongoing CBA talks between the NFL Players Association and management the players want more contracts to be guranteed and the owners do not. Develop a position for both sides supporting their views. What's a compromise?

5. Your client Michael Vick decides that he wants to start a kennel to house dogs overnight ('Mike's Happy Home for Hounds'). What are the issues that must be addressed both in terms of formation of the new business and his future income as it relates to NFL contracts and endorsement contracts? 

All of the above will be discussed in class by the splitting-off of groups. Be prepared to discuss all.